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Dear MicroPsych,

I have been married to my current (seventh) husband, Peter, for six years. For the most part, our life together has been wonderful. He is a graphic novelist, and I am a stay-at-home shopper. We have five cats but no children.

Perhaps it is because of his involvement in his work, but in recent months, Peter has developed what I believe to be an unhealthy interest in the comics section of our local newspaper. Now it is the only section that he reads. The problem is that he believes that the comics are delivering real news while the news sections, instead, are the “funny papers.” 

— Not funny

Dear Not funny,

In today’s world of terrorist attacks, melting polar caps and corporate greed shown nearly continuously on CNN, it is easy to understand how real events may seem difficult to get a handle on. Perhaps insight delivered by editorial cartoonists such as Mike Peters may serve as middle-ground to help Peter return to reality.

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