The study and treatment of insignificant psychological disorders.

Case Studies of Microdisorders

Psychological microdisorders can, of course, be described in psychological terms and academic jargon. However they may be best understood by the lay public through descriptions of case studies. Below are links to such case studies.

For most of their lives, Andy and Fran did very little traveling.
Phillip was serving out his 19-years-to-life sentence at the California State Prison in Yuba City.
Kimberly enjoyed the enhanced attention and thereby served as an enabler of the disorder.
Accustomed to efficient, first-class treatment, Charcelle has little patience for incompetence.
Yolanda tried cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy and aromatherapy.
Hank can fire a two ounce loogie into a ten gallon hat at thirty paces.
New York's chaser of the spotlight.
Glenn is an expert in interplanetary distances.

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