The study and treatment of insignificant psychological disorders.

Case Study of Schmotropism

A Resociative Microdisorder

Rudy, New York, New York, USA

If there is an ever-present spotlight in the United States, it is on the Presidency and/or on the Whitehouse. Those who chase that spotlight might be experiencing either Heliotropism (the tendency of an animal to move toward light) or in the case of the failed Trump administration, Schmotropism. In Rudy’s case it was both.

Rudy sidled up to President Trump, the nation's most recognizable schmo, early in his administration, and by doing so found himself in the bright lights as well. Rudy got sort of a twofer.

Four months after he was hired on as the personal attorney to the President (who himself suffers from Psychoceramic Disunion, Osteopsychosis, False Mammary Syndrome, and most notably, Bââd Haradäë Disorder) Rudy volunteered to participate in a clinical trial for the therapeutic cocktail Nomoschmo®. However after only one week, he withdrew from the trial citing a lack of television coverage of his participation.

New York's chaser of the spotlight.

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