More irritating than simple arrogance, less sever than hallucination and different from pretension, Affectopathy is a dissociative microdisorder that can loosen long-standing, strong relationships between friends and acquaintances. Primarily a function of word selection and speech pattern, the Affectopath conveys a subtile aloofness of which he is unaware but is just enough of a departure from his past verbal communication structure so that others find it rebarbative. 

Affectopathy begins to appear when people approach their 30's and is reported to occur with equal frequency between genders.

Affectopathy is most often associated with American travelers returning from a trip to the Old World. They leave U.S. soil utterly oafish and return way too urbane. 


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Unfortunately no non-invasive treatment procedure has been successful in treating Affectopathy. Moreover, partial travelectomies have had very measured success while complete, radical travelectomies have lead to only temporary  decrease of the least irritating behaviors. So while treatments are still being sought, currently the best way to treat Affectopathy is by enrolling the affected Affectopath in a driver-training adult education class.

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