False Mammary Syndrome

False Mammary Syndrome is a micropsychological disorder that typically accompanies female breast augmentation. Unlike most micropsychological side-effects that result from this medical procedure, however, it does not effect the women who have undergone the surgery, but instead it affects the men who currently have or subsequently develop intimate relationships with those women. 

Those men become so mesmerized by the amplified physical endowment of their partners that their cognitive abilities and social interactions are severely and negatively impacted. In the most serious cases of False Mammary Syndrome, sufferers are unable to maintain employment or even perform normal daily activities without assistance.

False Mammary Syndrome should not be confused with False Memory Syndrome, though the two disorders are often co-diagnosed.


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Over the years, treating False Mammary Syndrome has had consistent but limited success through the temporary application of magnetic, re-stabilizing electrodes placed just above a patient’s knees. Today it is best treated through operant conditioning using both reward (e.g., therapy squeeze balls) and punishment (e.g., the “Shock Bra”) reinforcement techniques.

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