Schmotropism is defined as having an attraction to or a desire to be in the company of jerks, loons, and/or buffoons. Of course, by association this leads to the person herself melding into a jerk, loon and/or buffoon, and can further result in the collateral disorders of Osteopsychosis and Bimolar Disorder.


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Schmotropism is highly correlated with Sycophantism and is found to be widely distributed among white, middle-aged, adult males who closely follow the careers of Hollywood celebrities, pop-music entertainers, and especially politicians.

 International MicroPsych Institute, a not-for charity organization established to further the research and treatment of insignificant psychological disorders while contributing to the prosperity of its founders, has developed a therapeutic cocktail that has shown promise in the successful treatment of Schmotropism. Still undergoing clinical trials, Nomoschmo® is expected to be available to certified therapists early next year.

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