The study and treatment of insignificant psychological disorders.


A Desociative Microdisorder


Pareidolia is the visual perception of patterns or life form images, usually in the natural environment, that exist only by the coincidental convergence of light and form and are thereby the product of imagination. 

For instance, people have reported seeing the Ty-D-Bol Man stuck in the tidal whirlpools of Naruto Strait in Japan, visions of Jesus on the nose of an AstroSphere Airlines jetliner, and faces of past U.S. Presidents in mountains near Keystone, South Dakota. 

Pareidolia appears to be more prevalent in Azerbaijan and South America, particularly north of the Amazon River, than in other parts of the world. Other than that, this micropsychological disorder seems to be evenly distributed among all demographic groups.

M. C. Escher Foundation in the Netherlands


Some promise in managing Pareidolia has been shown in patients who have been referred to the M. C. Escher Foundation in the Netherlands. There they have been exposed to drawings that are impossible to replicate in the real world. As a consequence of that exposure, it has been described as though the visual perception of these patients has been fitted with corrective lenses.

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