The study and treatment of insignificant psychological disorders.


A Sociative Microdisorder



Correctanoia is a condition that causes mild to severe anxiety in people who just can't stand it when other people in their presence make minor errors such as offering incomplete or inaccurate directions, citing an incorrect date, providing erroneous measurements, mispronouncing a word, or the like. To alleviate the anxiety, the correctanoic feels obligated, if not compelled, to set right the person committing the error, no matter how minor that faux pas might be nor how insulting the correction may be to that person.

In many cases, unfortunately, correcting a person's error only exacerbates the problem causing the error to become fixed rather than corrected so that it is more, rather than less likely to be repeated. In turn this escalates the situation until there is a total break in any relationship that may have been present between the person-in-error and the correctanoic.

Nearly four percent of the adult population is afflicted with Correctanoia. Most sufferers reside in the United States on Long Island in the state of New York.

Incomplete or inaccurate directions

Correctanoia can be successfully treated through enrollment in any one of several de-education programs offered throughout North America and Europe. Columbus University, for example offers a program called “Untelligence,” wherein correctanoics learn to ignore truths, accept myths and overlook facts, a condition very similar to Trumpathy.

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