Mass Donlusional Disorder

A Desociative Microdisorder


Mass Donlusional Disorder affects a specific population, the members of which have a deep-seated, counterfactual, and apparently incurable belief that Donald Trump, the one-term President of the U.S. and the full-time malcontent of the Republican Party, won the 2020 Presidential election.

Correlated with Trumpathy and Delusional Disorder, Mass Donlusional Disorder shares behavioral similarities with Bovidae herds in Yorkshire, England. Specifically, there seems to be no understanding of, nor any tendency to assimilate facts. This materiality was best demonstrated on January 6, 2021, when without thinking — a key mental indicator of Mass Donlusional Disorder individuals — hundreds of Donlusional “patriots” stormed the American Capitol in Washington, D.C. 


Unfortunately, like their corresponding behavioral ruminant family, those who suffer Mass Donlusional Disorder are unlikely to respond to any systematic, rational therapeutic intervention.

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