The study and treatment of insignificant psychological disorders.

Case Study of Projectile Dysfunction

A Desociative Microdisorder

Hank, Amarillo, Texas, USA

Hank’s family and friends always considered him a rugged, rough and tumble, man’s man. Indeed, Hank served in the Marines, oversaw the operation of a kangaroo park at Darling Range in Western Australia and worked as a roughneck in Alaska before “settling down” as a rancher in west Texas. But as age caught up with Hank, he began to suffer from Projectile Dysfunction — highly unusual to be reported in men of his age and extremely rare for a man with such a brawny career path.

After a decade of working by himself and avoiding social gatherings, Hank contacted the Projectile Dysfunction Project where he was introduced to Wayne Indecotte, President and CEO of Expector Dynamics and a certified spitologist. In turn, Dr. Indecotte made available to Hank a Spitometer and referred him to the Rosanne Barr Clinic for the expectorant challenged.

Today, Hank has overcome his Projectile Dysfunction and can fire a two ounce loogie into a ten gallon hat at thirty paces.

Hank can fire a two ounce loogie into a ten gallon hat at thirty paces.

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